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Kyoto Hajime has been cold for centuries. He follows his brother through eternity, desperate to save him, anguished at the cost—the lives of those marked by Magik. Lives he has to take. But when Sunny Vartanyan comes into Hajime’s tattoo parlor asking for the dragon mark that will damn her, he cannot do his duty, even for his brother. He senses something different about the tough Vegas bartender, something deep within her that warms him for the first time in two hundred years. He inks a lotus on her hip instead of the dragon—beauty rising out of mud rather than power leading to darkness.

Sunny is slowly going insane. Since getting her lotus tattoo, she’s been tormented by dark visions. Voices—sinister, seductive—whisper unspeakable things in her mind. Only Hajime’s presence quiets the growing darkness inside her. And only the strength of their mysterious bond may save her.

Publisher’s Note: Dark Lotus was previously published elsewhere and has been extensively revised for Ellora’s Cave.

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